Maximum Operating Temperatures:


Compressor Sensor:

Sensor Tip: 250˚C        Body Front: 200˚C        Body Rear: 200˚C        Cable: 200˚C

Sensor Tip: 800˚C        Body Front: 650˚C        Body Rear: 650˚C        MI Cable: 650˚C


Uncooled Turbine Sensor:

Sensor Tip: 1000˚C*     Body Front: 800˚C        Body Rear: 650˚C        MI Cable: 650˚C

* Higher tip temperatures can be achieved with certain sensor designs.


Cooled Turbine Sensor:

Sensor Tip: 1400˚C*     Body Front: 800˚C        Body Rear: 650˚C         MI Cable: 650˚C

* Tip temperatures are subject to pre-agreed cooling air flow temperatures and pressures.


Lemo Connectors: 200ºC